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Newalta, an industrial services company with a North American footprint, delivers engineered environmental solutions that enable its customers to reduce disposal, enhance recycling and recover valuable resources from waste streams created by oil and gas exploration and production. If that sounds technical, it is.
NewAlta - Corporate Communications - Redesigned Page Layout NewAlta - Corporate Communications - NewAlta Logo NewAlta - Corporate Communications - Investor Booklet


While Newalta was at the forefront of its industry, that wasn’t reflected in its communications materials. A more progressive look and clearer message were required to reflect its culture of innovation and leading industry position.
NewAlta - Corporate Communications - Annual Report 2013 and 2014 NewAlta - Corporate Communications - Annual Report Infographic NewAlta - Corporate Communications - Annual Report Page Layout


Using a combination of user-friendly infographics, consistent colours and easy-to-process language, we developed and told a compelling Newalta Way of Thinking story across every communication channel.
NewAlta - Corporate Communications - Infographics


Employees throughout the company indicated that the redesign both elevates the brand image and reinforces the emphasis on innovation, while being easy to replicate internally. In addition, the investor relations team has reported increased engagement with potential investors and partners.
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